Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Unique Golf Gift - Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder

Spins the ball to determine its variance mass and optimal spin axis.
After 20 seconds, insert the included pen in the hole to mark the sweet spot.
Place the ball with the mark pointing back between your feet.
Swing and you’ll hit the sweet spot every time. Perfectly legal.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

China Glaze Spread the Love Valentine’s Nail Polish Set

A sophisticated spin on the classic Valentine, this clever kit separates into three individual Valentine gifts, complete with polish and a card. Includes .5 oz. each of An Affair to Remember, Pink Champagne and Paint the Town Red, plus three cards.


Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Beige

The Self-Cleaning Litter Box that Really Works
Litter-Robot Saves Time - No More Litter Box Scooping!
The Litter-Robot frees you from the chore of litter box scooping. You can be confident that your cats have a litter box that is cleaned automatically and reliably, again and again. The large waste drawer holds several days’ worth of waste, giving you the time and freedom to do the things you enjoy. You can take that weekend trip or leave town for a short business trip without having to worry about your cats litter box.
Cleaning the litter box is now as simple as changing a kitchen garbage bag every few days. If you have several cats, the Litter-Robot drawer may still need to be emptied daily, but you’ll never again have to scoop a dirty litter box by hand!
Patented Litter Sifting System - Reliable and Dependable
Cats prefer a clean litter box. The Litter-Robot patented litter sifting process is near perfect in removing waste clumps from the litter, leaving a clean litter bed for your cats, every time.
The Litter-Robot gently separates the waste clumps from the clean litter. There is no rake mechanism that can get jammed or clogged or that needs frequent cleaning and maintenance. The Litter-Robot is a reliable, low maintenance automatic self cleaning cat litter box that works and keeps on working. Isnt that what you expect from a self-cleaning litter box?


Monday, January 29, 2007

Ghirardelli Valentine Candy Gift Box with Bow

Adorable Valentine gift box filled with Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares. A red bow adorns the top of the gift box which has a pink bottom and a white top adorned with hearts.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

BlackBerry White Pearl myFaves Phone (T-Mobile)

This major update to the popular 7105t brings the BlackBerry experience to a whole new level. The BlackBerry 8100 Pearl is not only thinner and lighter, it also sports a memory card slot, a music player, and voice dialing. Other features, such as Bluetooth 2.0, EDGE high-speed data, and the popular SureType keypad make this a complete mobile office solution. And of course, legendary BlackBerry push email as well as the fabulous T-Mobile myFaves calling program are fully supported on the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Montalban Print Silk/Cotton Scarf

Emilio Pucci
Montalban Print Silk/Cotton Scarf
51% silk, 49% cotton
Montalban print
23.75″ x 23.75″
Made in Italy


Oregon Scientific Portable UV Sensor

• Protect yourself and your family from harmful UV rays with this compact, stylish UV monitor

• Exposure timer uses UV, SPF and skin type to calculate recommended exposure time and updates automatically with changes in UV intensity

• Monitors current UV levels and temperature and has a built in digital clock

• Includes 1 CR2032 coin battery

• 3.13H1.75W.75D"


Friday, January 26, 2007

Radio-Controlled ‘57 Chevy Classic

Cherry red and chrome classic ‘57 Chevy is designed to be a preschooler’s first radio-controlled car.
Features whitewalls that match the seats.
It rumbles to life with a turn of the ignition key; the headlights turn on; the horn beeps.
Put it in forward or reverse and even the littlest ones can steer it right or left using the big wheel on the wireless controller.
Measures 11″ long and weighs 3.75 lbs.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lightmare LED Watch - Awaken from your lightmare...

We have to confess that we aren't entirely sure what a "lightmare" is, exactly. Several theories have been put forth for evaluation, but no conclusion has yet been reached. One says that it's a kind of nightmare in which there are an almost infinite number of lightbulbs connected to an almost infinite number of switches and you are responsible for turning them all off and back on again. Another says it's an odd dream in which you are traveling the speed of light in your car and finally get to turn on your headlights to see what happens - only to discover your battery is dead. We don't have too much faith in these theories, so for now we'll just have to say it's just an unusual name for an unusual watch. The Lightmare LED Watch displays the time using 30 LEDs, with a set of four LEDs at the center which represent the single minutes between each of the five-minute increments and two small dots at the bottom denote AM or PM. Stainless steel case and polyurethane rubber strap.
Uses a unique LED pattern for time display
Stainless steel case
Polyurethane Rubber strap
Water resistant to 30 meters
Uses a CR2032 lithium battery
Width: 1 5/8", Thickness: 1/2"
One year warranty
See: Lightmare LED Watch


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sony VAIO UX280P Micro PC

The VAIO UX280P Micro PC puts the world in your pocket and at your fingertips. The ultra-portable full-functioning PC with a 4.5″ wide SVGA screen …


Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: Valentine’s Day Velvet Heart

The perfect way to indulge a sweetheart. Our romantic velvet hearts are filled with a selection of sinfully smooth truffles, deliciously fresh butter creams and decadent pralinés in milk, dark, or white chocolates coverings, all guarenteed to make this Valentine’s Day even sweeter.


Valentine’s Day Talking Tapes

Valentine’s Day Talking Tapes - ribbons talk talkie magic sound radio i love you valentine jackass thinkgeek think geek gifts for geeks


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Prostretch - Heel Stretch Device

A University of Colorado study proves the Prostretch stretches the heel cord more effectively by preventing the malalignment and compensatory pronation associated with wall or stair stretching. The ProStretch directs body weight into its heel cup, which prevents co-contraction and weight bearing on the metatarsals.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Deluxe Outdoor Gas Patio Heater - Stainless Steel Commercial Grade

The Twin Star Commercial Grade Patio Heater will bring indoor comfort and convenience to the outdoors. It features an extended 15 to 20 foot circle of warmth which raises outdoor temperatures by 10-25 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll enjoy your backyard, patio or pool deck much later into the fall and earlier in the spring. The patio heater’s adjustable temperature setting will allow perfect control for a brisk evening barbecue, early morning coffee or any other outdoor social gathering. This patio heater is safe, economical, and easy to use. It provides up to 45,000 BTUs of heat featuring a durable steel burner with solid aluminum reflector enabling maximum circle of comfort. The premium construction features a full stainless steel hull, allowing for quick and easy assembly. It uses a propane gas grill cylinder, requiring no electricity at all. Assembles easily with basic household tools. Piezo Push Button Start Safety Shut Down Variable Heat ControlEasy Access PanelDimensions: 87″ tall, 18″ in diameter, reflector is 32″ in diameter BTU: Max 45,000 (13KW); 5KW Min. Portable: Yes Finish: Stainless Steel Fuel: Propane or butane (not included) Dome Width: 32 inches Heating Range Diameter: 15-20 feet Tank Size: 20 lb. Important notes: 1. Residential patio heaters are designed to give even, efficient heat on your patio or deck. An average residential patio heater that puts out up to 45,000 BTUs is capable of heating an area 20 feet in diameter as much as 25 degrees. 2. Ideal for home use by your whole family, residential patio heaters are guaranteed to be safe, economical, and easy to use. 3. Although their heavy bases are very stable and tipping is rare, residential patio heaters are outfitted with a safety switch that immediately shuts off the heater if it is tilted. 4. Residential patio heaters use either liquid propane or natural gas as fuel. Natural gas heaters are convenient because they can be connected directly to your home’s gas line while propa


Samsung K5 2GB Digital Media Player (K5)

Samsung K5 2GB Digital Media Player (K5)
Plenty of tunes: This 2GB player allows you to store and play about 500 MP3s or up to 1,000 WMA files— take them with you wherever you go.
Color display: The high-resolution, full-color display with innovative touch screen technology makes navigating your K5 a snap.
Personal photo album: Store and view up to 25,000 of your favorite memories in JPEG file format.
Built-in speaker: The speaker effortlessly slides out, then automatically pivots into position for optimal sound acoustics. At the same time, the K5’s interface automatically switches from vertical to horizontal view, offering the ultimate in convenience.
Small package, big sound: Engineered to produce a sound comparable to your home stereo system, this tiny device packs high sound fidelity. With a minimum number of keys, simplified system and look of minimalism, Samsung’s K5 is all about functional style and superior sound.
Amazing sound quality: Digital Natural Sound technology offers you virtual surround sound. Enjoy great volume, free from distortion, even with just two small speakers. Sound is natural, accurate, high-quality. In addition, five preset equalization modes let you customize the sound experience to suit your tastes.
Rechargeable battery: Using your headphones, you can listen to your tunes for up to 30 hours on a single battery charge with the built-in lithium-ion battery. Using the integrated speakers, you’ll be rockin’ out loud for up to six hours.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sharper Image Lighted Mill for Pepper or Salt

Modern mill grinds cleanly and consistently with one hand at the touch of a button.
High-intensity light illuminates as it grinds, eliminating shadows so you can see what you’re doing!
New ceramic gears allow its use as a salt mill, too — without caking or corrosion.
Grinding is continuously adjustable, from fine to coarse.
A view window shows the remaining level of peppercorns or salt.
No-mess closure on the bottom keeps surfaces clean of spills.

See: Sharper Image Lighted Mill for Pepper or Salt


Saturday, January 20, 2007

All-in-one Atomic Time Watch

All-in-one Atomic Time Watch - radio controlled watches all in one edm9062 watch09 thinkgeek think geek gifts for geeks


Friday, January 19, 2007

space retro valentines

These hilarious reproductions of 50’svalentines totally remind us of gradeschool. Set of 10 different styles withenvelopes and a sweet treat for you,from your secret admirer!!! Choosefrom space or classic styles. 3.5″-6″


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Terry Baby Fluffy

Terry with soft grained leather trim
Metal hardware
Contrast topstitching
Embroidered front reads: “Juicy Girls Club”
Dangling blow-up plastic heart reads: “Juicy”
Woven canvas straps with rolled leather handles and metal links; vinyl appliqué J hearts; 6″ drop
Leather-trimmed side pouch pockets with hidden magnetic closures
Leather “J” heart patch on back
Interior magnetic closure and double-link belt closure
Logo textile lining
Two metallic leather interior patch pockets; one reads: “Hello?”
Interior dangling metallic leather “J” heart patch with mirrored side reads: “I am the fairest.”
Flat leather bottom
12″x 6″x 6.5″


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sharper Image Sound Soother Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio + Zip Connect for iPod + MP3

Includes two excellent built-in stereo speakers; a ZipConnect™ module for playing any iPod® or MP3; and an AM/FM digital tuner with four presets.
The big, clear, easy-to-read LCD has dual snooze alarms with ramp-up volume; its backlight can be dimmed.
The Sound Soother® offers four soundscapes (White Noise, Surf, Rain and Brook) and the Song Soother™ has four selections (Lounge, Jazz, Spa and Guitar) for uninterrupted background music.
Take a quick nap without resetting the alarm using the nap-timer with 15-minute push-button increments.
Plugs into standard outlet; settings are backed up by a 9V battery (order separately).
Interchangeable ZipConnect charging module is available (SI903, $9.95) for all dockable iPods.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Griffin Technologies Tempo Armband for Zune (8098-ZNTMPO)

The Tempo Armband keeps your Zune safe yet accessible while you hike, jog, ride, canoe, sky-dive, get your gardening done, or just hang around the house. The soft inner lining prevents scratches, while the built-in cord wrap takes up the slack and keeps you mobile. The comfortable strap adjusts to your arm and stays snug so you can stay active.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Panasonic M-C3900 Lightweight Canister Vacuum (200001)

•Lightweight and compact

•Powerful suction

•Auto cord rewind

•Storage room


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Webkinz Love Puppy Valentine Dog

New Release for 2007, just in time for the Valentine’s Day holiday. The LOVE PUPPY Webkinz is a soft plush pet about eight inches long. Each Webkin pet comes with a secret code to bring your pet to life on the web! Discover a virtual world of Webkins. Collect them all! Not recommended for children under the age of three.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mini-Mixer with four blade attachments

“Your kitchen is not complete wihout this handy little mini-mixer! What a fun little gadget! You’ll love this slick mini-mixer and find a thousand uses for it:
Put a froth on your favorite beverage.Mix up an ice cold milk shake.Whip eggs for French toast. (Use the attachment with the little stainless steel blade. The teeth really chew through an egg and whip it to a foam.)Blend your favorite dressing till it’s creamy smooth.Mix up a favorite sauce or gravy.And much more . . .
Any time you are mixing just a cup or two, reach for your mini-mixer. There’s no need to break out the big electric mixer. With four push-on attachments, you’ll be amazed at all you can do with this little tool. This mini-mixer uses AA batteries (not included.)”


Friday, January 12, 2007

Blizzard Kids Electric Motorcycle Scooter- Fun Fun Fun!

Power Supply: Rechargeable battery,1*6Volt/Ah

Speed:3km/hr(1.86mph) (Comparable adult walking speed!)


Distance: Seat to ground level - 15″


Thursday, January 11, 2007

GE SmartHome Whole-Home Lighting Control

•Controls lights/appliances

•Programmable timer

•Control station

•Two receivers


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

High-Performance Titanium Blue Slimline Watch from Skagen Denmark

Large Slimline 100% titanium case with blue dial and 3.8 bezel.
Titanium-infused stainless steel black mesh band; patented safety clasp; date.
Hardened mineral glass crystal; Japanese precision quartz movement.
Water resistant to 3 ATM (330 feet).
Sharper Image Exclusive.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Panasonic MiniDVD Camcorder (VDR-D230)

•MiniDVD format

•2.7″ wide LCD display

•32x optical zoom

•Image stabilization

•One-touch navigation

•USB interface

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Keyless Entry Remote Fob Clicker for 2000 Isuzu Rodeo With Do-It-Yourself Programming

Price INCLUDES programming instructions for training the vehicle to recognize the remote. This remote will only operate on vehicles already equipped with a keyless entry system.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sharp AQUOS LC-46D62U 46in LCDTVGet Ready for the Big Game HD Style!

The AQUOS LC-46D62U sets a new standard for large-screen flat-panel TVs. With Full HD Spec 1080p resolution, dramatically enhanced black level and an elegant new design, it produces a breathtaking picture quality that is second to none. The AQUOS LC-46D62U utilizes the next generation of Sharp’s proprietary Advanced Super View/Black TFT Panel with multi-pixel technology, providing a native 2000:1 Contrast Ratio and a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 1500:1 with Enhanced Picture Contrast Technology, 4ms1 response time and wide viewing angles (176º H x 176º V). The AQUOS LC-46D62U has built-in ATSC / QAM / NTSC tuners and include 2 HDMI™ inputs, is compatible with 1080p signals, and has 2 HD component video inputs. The AQUOS LC-46D62 features a sleek piano black cabinet with subtle, recessed bottom-mounted speakers, and the included table stand easily removes for wall mounting applications.Features:Full HD Spec 1080p (1920 x 1080) Resolution for the sharpest picture possible.Next-Generation 16:9 ASV LCD Panel from Sharp’s brand-new state-of-the-art Kameyama II factory, producing a native Contrast Ratio of 2000:1 and a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 10,000:1 with Enhanced Picture Contrast Technology and a 4ms1 response time.Multi-Pixel Technology divides each pixel into two sections and adds an advanced driving system to provide 60% improved color reproduction at wide viewing angles.Wide Viewing Angles (176º H x 176º W): Sharp’s AQUOS viewing angles are so wide, you can view the TV clearly from practically anywhere in the room.Enhanced Black Level provides the deepest, most accurate black of any LC-TV.Four-wavelength Backlight System enables the display of very deep crimson reds, widening the available color spectrum.High Brightness (450 cd/m2): AQUOS Liquid Crystal Televisions are very bright. You can put them virtually anywhere – even near windows, doors or other light sources – and the picture is still vivid.Built-in ATSC / QAM / NTSC Tuners provide access to DTV and analog TV channels.Exclusive! On-line OnlySome manufactures, including but not limited to; IBM, HP, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, JVC, Philips, and Microsoft have a NO RETURN POLICY and/or charge a restocking fee to return product. These manufacturers’ require you to contact them directly regarding the terms and conditions of their Warranty Policy. Exclusive Online Offers are any product with a catalog number beginning with the letters EP. Example: EP0021 Click Here for Complete Return and Exchange Policies for Exclusive On-Line ProductsThis item is a Limited Special/Online Exclusive Consumer Electronics Product or Heavy / Oversized product and incurs a shipping charge:This item can only be shipped by truck and cannot ship to a PO Box. Please note: Truck only items cannot be delivered to Alaska and Hawaii.Truck Delivery($170.00)

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Everlast Rocky Suction Cup Speed Bag


Just in time for Rocky Balboa’s latest comeback, this extra-durable and tough tabletop speedbag is ideal for boxing fans and kids of all ages. A large rubber suction cup adheres to most surfaces and will turn any desktop into a virtual boxing club. A quality spring makes the bag move quickly and bounce back with each strike. It measures 8- by 11 inches.

About Everlast:

The name Everlast is synonymous with boxing. Renown internationally as a manufacturer of boxing equipment, Everlast started out as a swimwear manufacturer in 1910. Headquartered in the Bronx, NY, the company was founded by 17-year-old Jacob Golomb. The son of a tailor and an avid swimmer, Jacob Golomb was dissatisfied with the durability of swimsuits because they barely lasted a season, so he began making suits that he guaranteed would last for a full year. He proudly gave them the name, Everlast. Although the swimsuits did not last through the years, the name did.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Ant Works

AntWorks is an award-winning, self-contained environment for ants.
Require no food or water — the translucent gel serves as a tunneling medium and as the source for both food and water!
Ant activity is ongoing all the time. Watch them work, rest, gather in groups and burrow in the nutritious and non-toxic gel as they build intricate tunnels.
Based upon a NASA Space Shuttle experiment, this science kit provides hours of fascinating fun as you watch the architecture develop.
The illuminated LED base creates a unique night-light.
Includes gel, magnifying glass, jeweler’s lens, Tunnel Starter tool, AC adapter and instructions. Order Harvester ants separately with included coupon.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Crackled Leather Small Shoulder Bag

Derek Lam
Crackled Leather Small Shoulder Bag
Crackled leather with aged brass hardware
Pintucked gathers on front and back
Contoured seams
Rolled leather handles with aged brass rivets; 5.5″ drop
Double zipper top closure
Woven textile lining
Interior leather-trimmed zip pocket and patch pocket
14.5″x 6.5″x 5″
Made in Italy

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Epson P-5000 80GB Multimedia Storage Drive, Viewer, and Audio-Video Player w/ 4-Inch LCD

Transform the way you view, store and manage digital photos and movies. The Epson P-5000 is ideal for photo enthusiasts and professionals looking for the ultimate in flexible photo support on the move and in the studio. Take a brighter, clearer look at your digital images with the Epson P-5000. This compact, portable device is built around the clear, bright, colorful 4-inch Photo Fine Ultra color LCD, which features the world’s first 4-color filter system. It’s perfect for viewing images during a shoot, even in RAW format, before arranging and storing them safely on the 80GB hard drive. Its portability allows you to store and share images, wherever you are. Video Support - MPEG1/2 - 720×480 at 30fps, 720×576 at 25fps MPEG4 - 720×480 at 30fps, 720×576 at 25fps DivX - 720×480 at 30fps, 720×576 at 25fps H.264/AVC - 320×240 at 30fps WMV9 - 352×288 at 30fps Motion JPEG - 720×480 at 30fps, 720×576 at 25fps, 320×240 at 60fps Audio Support - MP3 - 320kbps, 48KHz, 16bit, stereo AAC - 320kbps, 48KHz, 16bit, stereo WMA - 48k-192kbps, 48KHz, 16bit, stereo USB connection - Printer with PictBridge supports and external memory device Power - AC adaptor, Lithium-ion battery System Requirements - Windows 2000 Professional, XP Home Edition, XP Professional, Mac OS X 10.2 or later, Pentium 3, Power PC G4, 700MHz (1GHz Recommended), 256MB RAM (512MB Recommended), 100MB hard disc space (150MB Recommended) Dimensions - Approximately Width 5.91 x Height 3.49 x Depth 1.30 inches, 150mm 88.7mm 33.1mm excluding minor body protrusions Weight - Approximately 430 grams

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Smiley Blue Bandana Antenna Ball Topper

This smiley antenna ball topper can help you locate your car in a crowded parking lot really fast. If you add the cool Buddies spring stand accessory it can also become a automobile dashboard or computer toy. Not for use with retractable antennas. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Ipod Tripod Speaker Dock, IPOD/TRIPOD, Ziotek

Folds up for travel!Power the amplifier using a USB cord, 2 AA batteries or an AC adapter (not included)MP3 player not included

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