Monday, April 09, 2007

Counter Strike: Source with Wolfking Keyboard (PC)

Counter-Strike: Source is a remake of the original Counter-Strike, running on the Half-Life 2 Source engine. It is a tactical action game, challenging you to compete with and against cunning AI opponents in mission-based campaigns spread across the globe. As squad leader of an elite counter-terrorist operative, use specialized maneuvers and weapon skills to complete over 20 new missions, each containing numerous objectives.

• Drop into challenging scenarios—from harsh jungle environments to severe arctic terrains, from unforgiving deserts to dangerous international city streets.
• Rescue hostages
• Escort VIPs to safety
• Locate and defuse bombs
Includes: Precision gaming keyboard featuring 55 ergonomically placed keys. The ultimate weapon for the gamer on the go, its compact size makes it perfect for LAN parties. The patented Warrior gaming area design has been expanded by including an additional 15 keys for a total of 55 ergonomically placed controls commonly used in FPS games. Its one-palm-size-fits-all keys concept will make your movement more precise and deadly to your opponents.


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